Printpack develops innovative packaging solutions that deliver a distinct advantage at the shelf, strengthen brand identity in the minds of consumers and help brand owners increase speed-to- market. Our vast portfolio of packaging solutions along with our technical and commercial expertise in materials science and barrier solutions, gives brand owners peace of mind, enhances product protection, and increases sales at the shelf. The principle function of packaging is to safeguard a brand’s investment and its image by protecting the product from any type of contamination or damage. If a product is not consistent with expectations, consumer loyalty is at stake. Printpack’s engineers are experts in a wide variety of product categories, utilizing the latest films and converting processes to make certain your product’s specific protection needs are exceeded. We develop and employ cutting-edge packaging technologies and processes to ensure ample protection throughout the usage cycle.

Every product has unique packaging needs and brands can improve customer retention by utilizing features that enrich and simplify the consumer experience. Printpack’s engineering team is skilled in the art of making packages that are easier to use – employing reclosable solutions, peelable materials, tear-optimized materials, and more. Our collaborative development and innovation process helps ensure a positive consumer experience throughout the entire usage cycle, promoting repeat purchases and supporting overall brand loyalty.

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